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Journal of Asian History

The Journal of Asian History [abbreviated: JAH], founded 1967, was formerly edited (vols. 1-45) by Denis Sinor (1916-2011, Indiana University, Bloomington), and from 2012-2014 (vols. 46-48) by Roderich Ptak (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and Claudius C. Müller (Hong Kong). Starting with vol. 49 (2015), the journal is edited by Dorothee Schaab-Hanke (OSTASIEN Verlag, Gossenberg) and Achim Mittag (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen). Starting with vol. 48 (2024), the journal will be edited by Dorothee Schaab-Hanke, Achim Mittag and Sebastian Eicher (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia).


Table of Contents



Volume 57 (2023)


In memoriam Giovanni Stary (March 27, 1946 – October 19, 2022) (Michael Knüppel)


Zheng Yifan 鄭伊凡, Family or Servants? The Ambiguity of Status in Early Chinese Households

Huang Fei 黄菲, Knowledge Building on Nature and Body: Hot Springs in Premodern Chinese Sources. An Overview

Johannes Kurz, Philology Lost: Variable Interpretations of the Raid of Guangzhou in 758 from the 18th to 21st Centuries

Lee Yongjin, Incense Burners in the Rituals of the Koryŏ Dynasty as Described in a 12th-Century Chinese Source, Gaoli tujing 高麗圖經

Yuan Dijia 袁迪嘉, Governance with Confucianism in the Northern Frontier Region  of the Goryeo Dynasty

Adam Lebowitz und Mori Mizue, Historicizing Japan’s Little Ice Age through the Consolidation of Official Historiography: Investigating the Relationship between Climate Change, Peasant Ikki Rebellions, and Political Upheaval in the 15th Century

Roderich Ptak, Melaka, Singapore, Riau, and Lingga: Chinese Sea Routes and the Terms / Names guanchang 官厰 and guanyu 官嶼 (15th Century)

Ma Zoudan 馬奏旦, The Garrison System, Social Strategies and Liaodong Military Households during the Mid and Late Ming Dynasty

Kang Wonmook 姜元默, Between Misunderstanding and Distortion: The European View on the First Ban on Christianity in Qing China

Reviews of Books

Alfredo Gomes Dias, in collaboration with Vincent Ho and Joana Barroso Hortas. Macau entre Repúblicas (Roderich Ptak)

Michel Didier (ed., trans., annot.). Mémoire sur les royaumes indigènes des terres d’Occident 西域番國志, Mémoire sur les royaumes indigene des mers d’Occident 西洋番國志 (Roderich Ptak)

Stefan Halikowski Smith (ed., trans.). Two Missionary Accounts of Southeast Asia in the Late Seventeenth   Century: A Translation and Critical Edition of Guy Tachard’s Relation de Voyage aux Indes (1690–99) and Nicola Cima’s Relatione Distinta delli Regni  di Siam, China, Tunchino, e Cocincina (1697–1706) (Beatriz Puente-Ballesteros)


Volume 56 (2022)


Graeme Ford, The Persian Translating College and Ming Tributary Communications with the Western Ocean

Howard Kahm und Lee Sinwoo, A Capital Idea: Social and Economic Implications of Ritual Space in Kaegyŏng during the Early Koryŏ Period

Roderich Ptak, A Note on Dazhoudao 大洲島 / Tinhosa (c. 1000–1550)

Chen Boyi 陈博翼, The Hokkien in Hội An, 1500s–1800s: Methods of Integration in the Chinese Diaspora

Udaanjarga Chuluunbaatar and Leland Liu Rogers, Reconsidering the Degree of Oppression of Mongol Women under the Qing

Fang Xuan 方璇 and Dorothee Schaab-Hanke, Circulation that Had Its Price: Roussier and His Role as an Early Recipient and Disseminator of Amiot’s Knowledge about Chinese Music

Wang Meimei 王梅梅 and Bas van Leeuwen, Mining for Money: A Micro Study on Government Intervention in the Operation of Lianhua Zinc Mine in Qing China

Yuan Xing 苑星, The Reinterpretation of Female Chastity by Revolutionists in Late Qing China

Julia C. Schneider, Non-Chinese Peoples in Chinese Republican Historiography: Beasts, Non-Historic Peoples, Homines Sacri

Review Articles

Barend J. ter Haar, Harmful Ancestors or Friendly Ghosts: Looking at Our Early Evidence on the Chinese Notion of Gui

Lin Hang 林航, Negotiating Power and Identity: Eunuchs in Qing China (1644–1911)

Reviews of Books

Ian M. Miller. Fir and Empire: The Transformation of Forests in Early Modern China (Guo Shuyu)

Adam Parr. The Mandate of Heaven: Strategy, Revolution, and the First European Translation of Sunzi’s Art of War (1772) (Dorothee Schaab-Hanke)

Michael Wert. Samurai: A Concise History (Neminemus)

Henrietta Harrison. The Perils of Interpreting: The Extraordinary Lives of Two Translators Between Qing China and the British Empire (Sebastian Eicher)

Books Received


Volume 55.1, 55.2 (2021)


Michael Loewe, Attitudes to Kongzi in Han Times

Roderich Ptak, with the assistance of Wang Yang, Around and About the Term / Name Shanhuzhou 珊瑚洲 in Traditional Chinese Sources

Johannes Kurz, (Mis)reading Chinese Texts in Southeast Asian History: “Moliu”, Duoluomo and the Lure of “Srivijayan” Conquests

Huang Chao 黃超 and Paul A. van Dyke, The Hoppo’s Books and the Guangdong Maritime Customs 1685–1842

Yuan Xing 苑星, Promoters of Morality, Moral Mainstays, and Guardians of Cultural Superiority: The Gentry Women’s Praise of Female Chastity and Expectations of Women’s Social Roles and Responsibilities in Qing China

Michael Loewe, The Rulin of Han Times and Their Relation to Kongzi

Ng Pak-sheung 伍伯常, History of Aristocratic Families in Tang China, Part 2: The Ultimate Demise

Chu Ming Kin 朱銘堅, Mobilizing Supporters for the Song Restoration: Narratives and Allusions in the “Empress Dowager’s Letter to Be Promulgated across the Realm”

Law Lok-yin 羅樂然, Chosŏn Interpreters as Cultural Brokers: The Example of Kim Kyŏng-mun and the 1722 Mission to Beijing

Catherine S. Chan, A “Mongrel Race” or Respectable “Europeans”? Portuguese Colonial Culture and Middle-Class Luso-Asians in Early Nineteenth-Century Macau

Reviews of Books

Rachel Silberstein. A Fashionable Century: Textile Artistry and Commerce in the Late Qing (Guo Shuyu)

John Finlay. Henri Bertin and the Representation of China in Eighteenth-Century France (Dorothee Schaab-Hanke)

Dorothee Schaab-Hanke. Konfuzius in Oranienbaum. Chinoise Darstellungen zum Leben des Meisters und ihr kulturhistorischer Hintergrund (WangLianming)

Rainer Schwarz (tr.). Aufzeichnungen über die Meere. Niedergeschrieben von Yang Bingnan, nach dem mündlichen Bericht von Xie Qinggao (Elke Papelitzky)

Gao Hao. Creating the Opium War: British imperial attitudes towards China, 1792–1840 (Dorothee Schaab-Hanke)

Carmen Amado Mendes (ed.). China’s New Silk Road: An Emerging World Order (Roderich Ptak)

Huang Yingtao 黄迎涛. Nan’ao gang yu Haishang sichou zhi lu 南澳港与海上丝绸之路 (Roderich Ptak)

Zhang Haipeng 张海鹏 (ed.). Zhongguo haiyu shi 中国海域史 (Roderich Ptak)

Javier Serrano Avilés and Jorge Mojarro (eds.). En el archipiélago de la Especiería: España y Molucas en los siglos XVI y XVII (Roderich Ptak)

Philip Bowring. Empire of the Winds: The Global Role of Asia’s Great Archipelago (Roderich Ptak)

Hyunhee Park. Soju: A Global History (Derek Sandhaus)

Books Received

Volume 54.1, 54.2 (2020)


Michael Nylan, Cross-reading “Kang gao,” “Shao gao,” and “Luo gao”

Victoria Almonte, The Arab Influence on Zhou Qufei’s Lingwai Daida: Bosiguo and Kunlun Cengqiguo

Wu Yeguo 吳業國, Economic Development and the Urbanization Process in China during the Southern Song (1127–1279): A Study on the Role of Primary Markets in the Area of Zhejiang

Chen Fei 陳飛, Buddhisizing the World: Global Imperialism and Kawaguchi Ekai’s Travels in Tibet

Johannes Kurz, The Creation of a Shared Past:  Two Thousand Years of “Historical” China-Brunei Relations

Ng Pak-sheung 伍伯常, History of Aristocratic Families in Tang China, Part 1: The Struggle to Adapt

Ma Guang 馬光, Re-evaluating the Wokou Problem in East Asia during the 1220s and 1390s from the Perspective of Environmental History

Liu Jing 劉晶, Warfare, Military Men, and the Maritime Orientation of Northeast Asia in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries

Julia C. Schneider, A Non-Western Colonial Power? The Qing Empire in Postcolonial Discourse

Reviews of Books

Peter Kupfer. Bernsteinglanz und Perlen des Schwarzen Drachen: Die Geschichte der chinesischen Weinkultur (Roderich Ptak)

Bin Yang. Cowrie Shells and Cowrie Money: A Global History (Roderich Ptak)

Fang Kun 方堃, Wang Ying 王颖 and Liang Chunhui 梁春晖 (editors and authors). Zhongguo yanhai jiangyu lishi tulu 中国沿海疆域历史图录 (Roderich Ptak)

Zhangping shi Wang Jinghong yanjiuhui 漳平市王景弘研究会 (eds.).  Wang Jinghong yanjiu 王景弘研究(Roderich Ptak)

Christine Moll-Murata. State and Crafts in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) (Hartmut Walravens)

Andrew Chittick. The Jiankang Empire in Chinese and World History (Sebastian Eicher)

Victoria Almonte. The Historical Value of the Work Lingwai daida by Zhou Qufei (Roderich Ptak)

Ye Nong 叶农 (ed. & au.). Aomenxue yanjiu zhuzuo shumu (1500–1999) 澳门学研究著作书目 (1500–1999) (Roderich Ptak)

Eugene N. Anderson. The East Asian World System: Climate and Dynastic Change (Roderich Ptak)

Javed Majeed. [1.] Colonialism and Knowledge in Grierson’s Linguistic Survey of India. [2.] Nation and Region in Grierson’s Linguistic Survey of India (Lynn Zastoupil)

Books Received


Volume 53.1, 53.2 (2019)


Zhang Zhaoyang 張朝陽 and Yan Lin 閆璘, How to Enter a Palace Legally: Information Gained from Newly Excavated Han Documents

Michael Loewe, Consultants and Advisors, and the Tests of Talent in Western and Eastern Han

Julia Escher, New Information on the Degree of “Sinicization” of the Tuyuhun Clan during Tang Times through Their Marriage Alliances: A Case Study Based on the Epitaphs of Two Chinese Princesses

Joo Hyun-ho 주현호, Under the Censor’s Gaze: The Dong-A Daily’s Presentation of Sun Yat-sen in the Early 1920s

Roderich Ptak, Selected Problems Concerning the “Zheng He Map”: Questions without Answers

Huang Chao and Paul A. Van Dyke, Hoppo Mao Keming 毛克明 and the Guangdong Maritime Customs 1732–1735

Remco Breuker, Warband Cohesion in Thirteenth-Century Korea: Northeast Asian Influences on Sinitic Military Models

Christopher Lovins, Monarchs, Monks, and Scholars: Religion and State Power in Early Modern England and Korea

Zhao Huanxi 趙寰熹, A Social Network and Its Geographic Representation: Banner Life in Early 19th-Century Beijing

Tay Jeongi, A Conceptual Appendix to “The Politics of Historical Knowledge

Discussion Forum, ad: Tay Jeong. The Politics of Historical Knowledge (JAH 52.1)

A Note from the Editors

Andrew Logie, The Politics of Feigned Impartiality The Debate on the Historical Geography of Old Chosŏn and Lelang Commandery

Tay Jeong, A Conceptual Appendix to “The Politics of Historical Knowledge”

Reviews of Books

Luís Filipe Barreto and Wu Zhiliang [吳志良] (eds.). Travels and Knowledge (China, Macau and Global Connections) (Roderich Ptak)

Zhou Weimin 周伟民 and Tang Lingling 唐玲玲. Hainan tongshi: Mingdai juan 海南通史—明代卷 (Roderich Ptak)

Martin Gimm. Der Fall Prinz Rong im Prozeß gegen den Jesuitenpater Adam Schall in den Jahren 1664/65 in China (Hartmut Walravens)

Martin Gimm. Der geheime Schamanismus der Qing-Kaiser und der Schamanentempel Tangzi in Beijing (Hartmut Walravens)

Jonathan Schlesinger. A World Trimmed with Fur: Wild Things, Pristine Places, and the Natural Fringes of Qing Rule(Fei Huang)

Harald Meyer, Christine Schirrmacher und Ulrich Vollmer (Hg.). Die Bonner Orient- und Asienwissenschaften. Eine Geschichte in 22 Porträts(Hartmut Walravens)

Jin Guoping 金国平 and Bei Wuquan 贝武权. (eds.). Shuangyugang shiliao xuanbian 双屿港史料选编 (Roderich Ptak)

Lin Faqin 林发钦. Aomen Wangxia cun yanjiu澳门望厦村研究 (Roderich Ptak)

Tamara H. Bentley (ed.). Picturing Commerce in and from the East Asian Maritime Circuits, 1550–1800 (Roderich Ptak)

Hartmut Walravens. Neue Rückschau auf ein arbeitsreiches Leben. Hartmut Walravens zum 75sten: Thematisches annotiertes Schriftenverzeichnis. Mit Einleitung und Registern: Bibliographie – Bibliotheken – Zeitungen – Erotica – Normung – China – Japan –Altaistik – Mandschurei – Mongolei – Tibet – Rußland (Martin Gimm)

Books Received


Volume 52.1, 52.2 (2018)


Christopher Lovins. Absolute Monarchy East and West: Chŏngjo and Louis XIV

Mohsen Morsalpour and Omid Ghiasi. The Role of Achaemenid Models in the Iranian National Epic

Tay Jeong. The Politics of Historical Knowledge: The Debate on the Historical Geography of Old Chosŏn and Lelang Commandery

Liu Puning 劉璞寧. Becoming the Ruler of the Central Realm: How the Northern Wei Dynasty Established its Political Legitimacy

Li Man 李漫. Meaning Behind Maps: Some Remarks on Wei Yuan and His Contribution to Chinese Cartography

Dilnoza Duturaeva. Qarakhanid Envoys to Song China

Hyunhee Park. The World Map Produced in Korea in 1402 and Its Possible Sources from the Islamic World

Roderich Ptak. Sailing Routes as Mental Constructs: Preliminary Notes on their Semantic Dimensions and Assumed Functions

Chan Ying-kit 陳英傑. The Odyssey of a Guangdong Official: Deng Chengxiu and Late Qing Political Culture

Iwaki Takahiro 岩城高広. Burmese Subordinate Officials and British Colonial Rule in the Late Nineteenth Century: Significance of Petitions Submitted by a Circle Headman of the Thongwa District

Discussion Forum, ad: Chen Bo 陳波. The Making of “China” out of “Zhongguo”

A Note from the Editors

Chen Bo. The New Qing History in the Making of “China”: A Response to Devin Fitzgerald

Chen Bo. Nation-state, Diversity, the Others, and the Others of the Others: A Response to Nicolas Standaert

Reviews of Books

Lu Yan­zhao 鲁延昭. Ming Qing Lingding yang quyu haifang dili yanjiu 明清伶仃洋区域海防地理研究 (Roderich Ptak)

Zhou Weimin 周伟民, au., and Tang Lingling 唐玲玲, ed. Nanhai tianshu: Hainan yumin “geng lu bu” wenhua quan shi 南海天书: 海南渔民《更路簿》文化诠释 (Roderich Ptak)

Bradley Camp Davis. Imperial Bandits. Outlaws and Rebels in the China-Vietnam Borderlands (Yasmin Koppen)

Joseph W. Esherick and Matthew T. Combs, eds. 1943: China at the Crossroads (Ulrich Theobald)

Leland Ness, with Bin Shih. Kangzhan: Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937–1945 (Ulrich Theobald)

Rafe de Crespigny. Fire over Luoyang: A History of the Later Han Dynasty 23–220 AD (Sebastian Eicher)

Chen Zhongping 陈忠平, ed. Zou xiang duoyuan wenhua de quanqiushi: Zheng He xia Xiyang (1405–1433) ji Zhongguo yu Yinduyang shijie de guanxi 走向多元文化的全球史: 郑和下西洋 (1405–1433) 及中国与印度洋世界的关系 (Roderich Ptak)

Wu Hongqi 吴宏岐. Shikong jiaozhi de shiye: Aomen diqu lish dili yanjiu 时空交织的视野: 澳门地区历史地理研究 (Roderich Ptak)

J. Malcolm Shick. Where Corals Lie: A Natural and Cultural History (Roderich Ptak)

Hu Qiuhua. Konfuzianisches Ethos und westliche Wissenschaft: Wang Guowei (1877–1927) und das Ringen um das moderne China (Volker Klöpsch)

Piotr Adamek. A Good Son Is Sad if He Hears the Name of His Father: The Tabooing of Names in China as a Way of Implementing Social Values (Viatcheslav Vetrov)

Books Received


Volume 51.1, 51.2 (2017)


Maddalena Barenghi. Ancestral Sites and Lineages of the Later Tang (923–936) and the Later Jin (936–947) Dynasties According to the Song Sources

Ma Guang 馬光. Tributary Ceremony and National Security: A Reassessment of Wokou Diplomacy between China and Japan during the Early Ming Dynasty

Eugene Y. Park. Dynastic Change and Politicide in Early Modern Korea: The Chosŏn Persecution of the Koryŏ Wang, 1392–1413

Cho Hung-guk 조흥국 (趙興國). The 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea and Diplomacies of Siam and China

Alexander K. Nefëdkin. War and Peace in the Bering Strait (in the 18th and First Half of the 19th Centuries)

David Kim. Australian Female Volunteerism in Modern Korea (1889–1941): An Enlightenment Campaign

Nuno Vila-Santa. Counter-Reformation Policies versus Geostrategic Politics in the “Estado da India”: The Case of Governor Francisco Barreto (1555–1558)

Huang Chao and Paul A. Van Dyke. Hoppo Tang Ying 唐英 (1750–1751) and the Development of the Guangdong Maritime Customs

Huang Fei 黃菲. Between Hills and Valleys: Contesting the Bazi Landscape, Society and Environment in Southwestern China (1700–1900)

Chen Fei 陳飛. Disassembling Empire: Revolutionary Chinese Students in Japan and Discourses on Provincial Independence and Local Self-Government

Reviews of Books

Shi Ping 时平, ed. Haixia liang’an Zheng He yanjiu wenji 海峡两岸郑和研究文集 (Roderich Ptak)

Jeong Moon-soo [鄭文洙] et al., eds. The Maritime Silk Road and Seaport Cities (Roderich Ptak)

George Bryan Souza and Jeffrey Scott Turley, eds. The Boxer Codex: Transcription and Translation of an Illustrated Late Sixteenth-Century Spanish Manuscript Concerning the Geography, History and Ethnography of the Pacific, South-East and East Asia (Manel Ollé)

Francesca Bray. Technology, Gender and History in Imperial China: Great Transformations Reconsidered: Asia’s Transformations (Ng Qi Siang 黄啟祥)

Erica Fox Brindley. Ancient China and the Yue: Perceptions and Identities on the Southern Frontier c. 400 BCE–50 CE (Roderich Ptak)

Alfredo Gomes Dias. Diáspora macaense: Territórios, Itinerários e Processos de Integração (1936–1995)(Roderich Ptak)

Geoffrey C. Gunn (ed.). Wartime Macau: Under the Japanese Shadow (Roderich Ptak)

Books Received

Volume 50.1, 50.2 (2016)


Göran Aijmer. History, Historicism, and Historical Anthropology:
Reflections on a Chinese Case

Johannes L. Kurz. On the Unification Plans of the Southern Tang Dynasty

Roderich Ptak. The Sea Route between Taiwan and the Philippines in Chinese Texts (c. 1100–1600):
New Questions Related to an Old Theme

Chen Bo 陳波. The Making of “China” out of “Zhongguo”, 1585–1690

Ng Wai-Ming 吳偉明. The Images of Yang Guifei in Tokugawa Texts

Clement Liew. Ordo ab Chao at the Far End of India:
Chinese Settlers and Their Colonial Masters

Kim Jinwung 김진웅, 金辰雄. An Ancient Middle Power’s Diplomatic Dilemma:
The Nature of Koguryŏ’s Tributary Relationship with China

Mustafa Serdar Palabıyık. The Sultan, the Shah and the King in Europe:
The Practice of Ottoman, Persian and Siamese Royal Travel and Travel Writing

Youn Dae-yeong 윤대영, 尹大榮. Between Korea and Vietnam:
Kim Yung-kun’s “Ever-Changing and Impermanent” Life

Discussion Forum, ad: Göran Aijmer. Historicism, and Historical Anthropology

Andrew Chittick. Time, Space, and Evidence:
A Response to Professor Aijmer

Göran Aijmer. The Depth of the Question Mark

Andrew Chittick. An Invented Chiasma:
A Second Answer to Professor Aijmer

Göran Aijmer. Bafflement, Holism, Rice and Orientalism

Discussion Forum, ad: Chen Bo 陳波. The Making of “China” out of “Zhongguo”

Devin Fitzgerald. Discussing “The Making of ‘China’ out of ‘Zhongguo’”

Nicolas Standaert. The Making of “China” out of “Da Ming”

Reviews of Books

Sarah Allan. Buried Ideas: Legends of Abdication and Ideal Government in Early Chinese Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts (Yuri Pines)

Rong Xinjiang, trans. by Imre Galambos. Eighteen Lectures on Dunhuang (Ute Engelhardt)

Valerie Hansen. The Silk Road: A New History (Friederike Assandri)

Peter Schwieger. The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation (Lan Wu)

George Harlan Nash (ed.). Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath (Jason Morgan)

Books Received

Volume 49.1/2 (2015)

Special Edition, edited by Ralph Kauz:
Chinese and Asian Geographical and Cartographical Views on Central Asia and Its Adjacent Regions


Ralph Kauz, Liu Yingsheng, Nurlan Kenzheakhmet, and Hyunhee Park, Introductory Notes

Niu Ruji 牛汝極, The Tianshan Mountain Range: The Pivotal Line of Converging Asian Civilizations

Paul D. Buell, Early Mongolian Geographical Conceptions

Michal Biran, The Mental Maps of Mongol Central Asia as Seen from the Mamluk Sultanate

Ono Hiroshi 小野浩, Hāfiz-i Abrū’s Geographical Work, the So-called Jughrāfiyā:
Its Significance and Evaluation in Relation to Rashīd al-dīn’s Works

Daniel C. Waugh, The View from the North:
Muscovite Cartography of Inner Asia

Inaba Minoru 稲葉穣, From Caojuzha to Ghazna/Ghaznīn:
Early Medieval Chinese and Muslim Descriptions of Eastern Afghanistan

Hyunhee Park 朴賢熙, Information Synthesis and Space Creation:
The Earliest Chinese Maps of Central Asia and the Silk Road, 1265–1270

Nurlan Kenzheakhmet, Central Asian Place Names in the Kangnido

Rong Xinjiang 榮新江, Reality or Tale?
Marco Polo’s Description of Khotan

Morris Rossabi, Notes on Gazetteers and Officials in Northwest China and Sixteenth Century Knowledge of Central Asia

Lin Meicun 林梅村, A Study on the Court Cartographers of the Ming Empire

Liu Yingsheng 劉迎勝, Cities and Routes of Ferghana in the “Xiyu tudi renwu lüe” and the “Xiyu tudi renwu tu”

Ralph Kauz, Michel Didier’s Chen Cheng (1365–1457), ambassadeur des premiers empereurs Ming:
A Review Article, or Some Considerations of the Geographical Knowledge on the Silk Road During the Early Ming Dynasty