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Journal of Asian History

The Journal of Asian History [abbreviated: JAH], founded 1967, was formerly edited (vols. 1-45) by Denis Sinor (1916-2011, Indiana University, Bloomington), and from 2012-2014 (vols. 46-48) by Roderich Ptak (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and Claudius C. Müller (Hong Kong). Starting with vol. 49 (2015), the journal is edited by Dorothee Schaab-Hanke (OSTASIEN Verlag, Gossenberg) and Achim Mittag (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen).


Table of Contents


Volume 50 (2016)


Göran Aijmer. History, Historicism, and Historical Anthropology:
Reflections on a Chinese Case

Johannes L. Kurz. On the Unification Plans of the Southern Tang Dynasty

Roderich Ptak. The Sea Route between Taiwan and the Philippines in Chinese Texts (c. 1100–1600):
New Questions Related to an Old Theme

Chen Bo 陳波. The Making of “China” out of “Zhongguo”, 1585–1690

Ng Wai-Ming 吳偉明. The Images of Yang Guifei in Tokugawa Texts

Clement Liew. Ordo ab Chao at the Far End of India:
Chinese Settlers and Their Colonial Masters

Kim Jinwung 김진웅, 金辰雄. An Ancient Middle Power’s Diplomatic Dilemma:
The Nature of Koguryŏ’s Tributary Relationship with China

Mustafa Serdar Palabıyık. The Sultan, the Shah and the King in Europe:
The Practice of Ottoman, Persian and Siamese Royal Travel and Travel Writing

Youn Dae-yeong 윤대영, 尹大榮. Between Korea and Vietnam:
Kim Yung-kun’s “Ever-Changing and Impermanent” Life

Discussion Forum, ad: Göran Aijmer. Historicism, and Historical Anthropology

Andrew Chittick. Time, Space, and Evidence:
A Response to Professor Aijmer

Göran Aijmer. The Depth of the Question Mark

Andrew Chittick. An Invented Chiasma:
A Second Answer to Professor Aijmer

Göran Aijmer. Bafflement, Holism, Rice and Orientalism

Discussion Forum, ad: Chen Bo 陳波. The Making of “China” out of “Zhongguo”

Devin Fitzgerald. Discussing “The Making of ‘China’ out of ‘Zhongguo’”

Nicolas Standaert. The Making of “China” out of “Da Ming”

Reviews of Books

Rong Xinjiang, trans. by Imre Galambos. Eighteen Lectures on Dunhuang (Ute Engelhardt)

Sarah Allan. Buried Ideas: Legends of Abdication and Ideal Government in Early Chinese Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts (Yuri Pines)

Valerie Hansen. The Silk Road: A New History (Friederike Assandri)

Peter Schwieger. The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation (Lan Wu)

George Harlan Nash (ed.). Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath (Jason Morgan)

Books Received

Volume 49 (2015)

Special Edition, edited by Ralph Kauz:
Chinese and Asian Geographical and Cartographical Views on Central Asia and Its Adjacent Regions


Ralph Kauz, Liu Yingsheng, Nurlan Kenzheakhmet, and Hyunhee Park, Introductory Notes

Niu Ruji 牛汝極, The Tianshan Mountain Range: The Pivotal Line of Converging Asian Civilizations

Paul D. Buell, Early Mongolian Geographical Conceptions

Michal Biran, The Mental Maps of Mongol Central Asia as Seen from the Mamluk Sultanate

Ono Hiroshi 小野浩, Hāfiz-i Abrū’s Geographical Work, the So-called Jughrāfiyā:
Its Significance and Evaluation in Relation to Rashīd al-dīn’s Works

Daniel C. Waugh, The View from the North:
Muscovite Cartography of Inner Asia

Inaba Minoru 稲葉穣, From Caojuzha to Ghazna/Ghaznīn:
Early Medieval Chinese and Muslim Descriptions of Eastern Afghanistan

Hyunhee Park 朴賢熙, Information Synthesis and Space Creation:
The Earliest Chinese Maps of Central Asia and the Silk Road, 1265–1270

Nurlan Kenzheakhmet, Central Asian Place Names in the Kangnido

Rong Xinjiang 榮新江, Reality or Tale?
Marco Polo’s Description of Khotan

Morris Rossabi, Notes on Gazetteers and Officials in Northwest China and Sixteenth Century Knowledge of Central Asia

Lin Meicun 林梅村, A Study on the Court Cartographers of the Ming Empire

Liu Yingsheng 劉迎勝, Cities and Routes of Ferghana in the “Xiyu tudi renwu lüe” and the “Xiyu tudi renwu tu”

Ralph Kauz, Michel Didier’s Chen Cheng (1365–1457), ambassadeur des premiers empereurs Ming:
A Review Article, or Some Considerations of the Geographical Knowledge on the Silk Road During the Early Ming Dynasty